Engine Startup sound
                    Another start up

Notice to registered owners:  On July 4th, 2008 a computer virus crashed my "Owners" mailing list ... please contact me with your current E-mail address so that I can rebuild this contact list.

photo of panel
    An-2  Instrument Panel 

Note: I'm trying to identify all AN-2 owners in the Americas or anywhere. If you own an AN-2 or know who does,
please E-mail me the owner's name, address and/or E-mail address information with aircraft number.
Even if you don't know the owner I'd even appreciate knowing the N number and where the aircraft is based.
Click here to E-mail us.


                An-2P (passenger with seating for 12 passengers),
                An-2PK (five seat executive),
                An-2P-Photo (photogrammetry),
           An-2R (agricultural; 1300 kg liquid or dry chemicals),
                An-2S (ambulance, 6 stretchers and medical attendants),
                An-2T (transport, 1500 kg cargo or 12 passengers),
                An-2TD (for parachute jumping),
                An-2TP (cargo-passenger)

The Chinese version of the AN-2, the Y-5, was licensed in 1957 and was exported to various countries
including North Korea and Albania. Chinese production as the Y-5 commenced with Nanchang in 1957,
before being transferred to Shijiazhuang Aircraft. The main Chinese version is the standard Y-5N,
while the latest development is the Y-5C paratroop carrier for the PLA-AF with distinctive wingtip vanes.

AN-2 Users:
Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Cuba, Czechoslovakia,
Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Laos, Latvia, Mali, Mongolia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Poland, Romania,
Russia, Slovak Republic, Tadjikistan, Ukraine, USSR, Uzbekistan, Vietnam


Note: 30 or more East German AN-2s in service at the time of German re-unification were permitted to retain their
standard airworthiness certificates for commercial operation.

Many AN-2 were used by the Soviet  DOSAAF
(Dobrovol'noe Obshchestvo Sodeistviia Armii, Aviatsii i Flotu)

North Korea has more than 300 AN-2 aircraft in their military inventory and could use them to insert special ops forces into South Korea. Reportedly, North Korea has made a concerted effort to keep its arsenal of easy-to-fly AN-2s well maintained.

FAA Registration Searchs:

Fast Aviation Data

Good list of serial numbers

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      Selected AN-2 Links:
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The restoration of SP-AOO


JUST LOVE MISSION: Antonov AN-2 ZU-JLM “LITTLE ANNIE” Pretoria, South Africa


Classic Wings Sp. z o.o.
Jagiellońska 56
05-120 Legionowo, Poland
NIP 536 191 79 46
tel. +48 512 62 40 10


AN-2 photos by Michael Bes

AN-2 Flys Emergency Relief Supplies to remote Canada village.

Antonov Adventure Flights in Australia
Nice Russian Web-site with English pages.

Doug Fulton's N87AN siteHaving great fun with their AN-2

 Phil Clarke's GenAIRation, France

Photos from Xth annual AN-2 meeting in Europe

Sky Diving from AN-2 in Nova Scotia
Westriver skysports or

Flight Training in AN-2

Polish AN-2 Type Rating
Approx. 600 Euros per hour
AN2 Flight Training

AZL zapoznawczy

+48 605 045 235

================================================================= \


  PZL Mielec
This Netherlands site by Ron Handgraaf has several classic aircraft operating manuals
including the AN-2

Nice German AN-2 Site
Nice Swiss AN-2 Site  (In French)
Safari and holidays in Senegal

AN2 Ferry Service (US only) 1000 hrs AN-2 time Contact Mike at Vintage Aviation


AN-3 Info

A Russian An-3T single-turboprop aircraft that was left in Antarctica 2 years ago is to be flown back home to Moscow to fulfill requirements of the Madrid Protocol under which Russia is obliged to remove it from the Pole.

The expedition to collect it is led by the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma and well-known polar explorer, Arthur Chilingarov. The aircraft has been at the Antarctic Amundsen-Scott base since January 2002 due to an engine failure.

It seems that a test crew has already flown the An-3T from the South pole to the US research station at Mc-Merdo. The 735 NM (1,360 km) flight lasted over 7 hours and achieved a height of over 13,000 ft, exceeding the published service ceiling for the aircraft.

Russian aircraft removed from South PoleThe AN-3 aircraft is a modified AN-2, which has been in operation for 50 years. It is a huge bi-plane with a 1,375 hp engine and a ski/wheel undercarriage which enable it to operate out of 500 m rough strips. Over 15,500 AN-2 aircraft have been produced and it is still in production in China.


10th Anniversary of Waldemar Miszkurka's Around the World AN2 Flight.


Nice Site... good cockpit video of slick AN2 LY-BIG

 Good AN-2 article The Un-Falco

Alternate url for Savine's AN-2 page


   North Pole Flight     Broken Link-   The Lundgren and Sheardown Trans-Polar Trips


  Barnstomers market place bulletin bd.   (When you get there click on Biplane then Antonov in left frame)

Swiss AN-2 Site with lots of photos

Samedan Winter 2003

Finland's AN2 Club

Great Hungarian AN-2 web page

Utility Aircraft

Urban Ryngfors Swedish AN2

AN-2 Team Sweden

AN-2 - Staffel Web site


German AN-2 Classic Wings Site

Classic Wings Bavaria

Creve Coeur Airport Has two AN-2s

__My Wings An-2 site

Hungarian AN-2 photos

Otter conversion to AN-2 engine

Antonov AN-3 turbo at South Pole

Web page with AN-2V photos

    Other useful Aviation Links:
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_  AVweb Airport Info

Aircraft Engine Historical Society


    Aviation History      (Randy Wilson's site)

  War Bird Alley


__Bush Flying Guide

   Airline Crashes

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        AN-2 CHECK LIST:

Download Phil Clarke's AN-2 Check List (645KB Word Doc.)

Zipped AN2 Check Lists

Weight and Balance

Prop Turbulence!

We're all taught to fear wake turbulence from big heavy airliners, but imagine the surprise of the English pilot taking off in a Robin just after an Antonov An-2, the huge, slow Russian biplane. However, as the Robin was climbing, it suddenly rolled to the left through about 80 degrees for no obvious reasons. The pilot fought to get the plane back under control, but the nose dropped steeply and the airplane spiralled in and crashed. Damage was extensive but both pilots survived with whiplash injuries and minor cuts. Although the An-2 is technically a 'light' aircraft, at full gross it is seven times the weight of the Robin, and has about twice the wing span........ AND 1000 HP driving a very big Prop!!

Be considerate...... warn other lighter aircraft not to land immediately behind a departing AN-2.

        AN-2 PARTS SOURCES:  Please report any broken links to us for fixing!

Bycan Sellen Assoc.  located in Indianapolis, IN has Dromader and AN-2 Engines and parts.
(317) 579-6666
Mary Jo
 Mike Adkins         Mike has Engines, TIRES and some other parts.
           phone      (423) 768-3506
SHARP AVIATION INC in Jonesboro Arkansas has a large stock of "new old stock" parts for the AN-2.
The following is a very small list of parts on hand:
Main wheel and brake assys. tail wheels and tires. Complete exhaust systems. Complete engine cowl assys. Several flight
insturments and remote gyros. some engine gages. Spark plugs and generators.
Call or email your needs to Dale Sharp at 870-935-3880 or
Note: Jim Boschma of Boschma Research has purchased the AN-2 inventory from Sharp Aviation, Inc.
Maggie Walus
Air-Partner US Office
Ph/Fax 847-577-0103
 Ph/fax  847-577-0103


2-K Aviation LLC  Iouri Kharitonov
PZL engines and props. Call A & C Aviation 912-645-3605 or Fax 912-645-3880 TFN
Note: Dromedor M-18 Crop Duster uses same Propellor and Engine as AN-2;
therefore some Ag Plane shops can service the Engine and Prop. .....

Airmotive Inc. , Clinton Municipal Airport, Clinton, Arkansas is one of these shops.
The Engine and Prop are also approved for use on Dehaviland Otter.

 Desser Tire & Rubber Co. in Los Angeles, California can retread AN-2 Tires for $145
contact         "Steven Chlavin" <>

Bruce's Custom Covers     Canopy, Engine and Wing covers for the AN-2

Antonov AN-2 Parts for sale

Antonov AN-2 Colt Portal
Description: All about Antonov AN-2 Colt aircraft in one place. Aircrafts, parts, projects, documentations, photos, informations, ads and much more.

XI'an International Trading Co.  (Enterprise) Ltd.
Specializing in  CJ-6, Y-5 and K-8 aircraft parts in China  
Contact: maggie lee
 There are some hot offer for AN- 2 aircraft as following:
    BG-1A        ALTIMETER
    BWH-1         TEMP GAUGE
    WG-2A        INDICATOR
    DG--6        MOTOR
    LQ-3        FILTER
    DZ--1        SPARK PLUGS
    DH-1        STARTER COIL
     JT-5A        KTR-908
    S-3        FAN
    SY-11         BOOSTER
    SBL-125     CONVERTER
    SBL-53        CONVERTER
    800X260    TYRE AND INNER TUBE
    470X210    TYRE AND INNER TUBE


Chinese Y5B parts that fit AN-2

Yucheng Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.
Xi'an, China
Has CJ6 and Y5B instruments etc.
E-mail Contact:

 Lectern Aviation Supplies Co.Ltd. of Hong Kong
 Specializes in supplying  new complete aircrafts and their spares like the Y5b;Y8;Y12;LE-500;N5A;PT6 and K8.We
 also export helicopters manufactured in China like the Z9A and those of MDs'.We can also supply ultra light AD-200 and hot
 air balloons.

 Please note that all of the Y5b parts are directly interchangeable with the AN2 and we will be very happy to quote for your
 members' need of new replacement spares.

    For example:
       The propeller with Part No: J12B-G15
       FOB Price: USD  $8,000.00
       TBO: 1000hrs/3years
       Delivery: 3 months after receipt of payment.

   It will fit AN2 and the Y-5b.It is a brand new made to order item.

Phone :+852 28313899
Fax:     +852 28313877

European AN-2 parts Sources:



SwingAir does AN-2 restoration and custom executive interiors for AN-2 -- Fly with Class
contact Urszula Szczech  email:
SwingAir poster


Waldemar Miszkurka    Poland ---
4-Air Airlines Ltd.
Port Lotniczy Rzeszow
36-002 Jasionka
Phone/fax +48 17 771 20 20
mobile +48 604 605 400


We offer the following AN2 engines:

 1. 1988, TSN 1374hrs, second overhaul.

2. 1989, TSN 1074hrs, first overhaul.

2. 1989, TSN 1350hrs, second overhaul
TBO is 1200hrs or/and 10 years (according to the Polish bulletin).

Regards/ Ayman Osman  located in Moscow.

Ayman Osman


"Air-Partner" owner Robert Kasprzak
Located at Ul. Wojska Polskiego 3/Hangar 22, 39-300 Mielec.Poland
Main Office address: Ul. Mala 19,  39-300 Mielec, Poland
PH - + 4817-583-69-54
Fax  +4817-583-69-54
E-mail or
 in United States
Web side

We also sell aircrafts not only parts.  Thank you.

Maggie Walus
Air-Partner US Office
Ph/Fax 847-577-0103
 Ph/fax  847-577-0103

EADS / PZL Mielec
Alina Szrom
Head of Marketing & Sales Department
Zak│ad Us│ug Agrolotniczych - Agroaviation Services
Mielec Lotnisko P.O. Box 51, 39-300 Mielec, Poland
Phone: 48 17 788 78 41 - Fax: 48 17 788 60 87


AvioServiceBG Ltd.
POBox 290

MARCO Export-Import
ul. Geodetow
35-328 Rzeszow
Mobile Tel +48 606 339 534
Tel/Fax +48 17 86 42 463

ORLAIVIS    Another Lithuanina AN-2 repair facility

Composite Floats for AN-2 now available in Russia
$79,000 USD installed (at Russian base)
Contact Mikhail Kovalev
Hugh Driessen has for sale :ASH 62 IR/16    serial K 16108298  built in 1978 and two overhauwls
- prop serial W 216103  two overhauls  1986 - and a propeller.
new starter -8 tires -lot of sparkplugs, gaskets, tools etc.
Everything is low-priced
contact:  or phone 00/32/475746484 (Belgium)

Nico Pastramagiu:
One stop sales point, selling engines, props, tires, spare parts and consumables for AN2 and M18 Dromader. Contact Nico Pastramagiu: e-mail, ph/fax +420 274866485, Czech.

Stanislav Zelenkov' Private Company
Konarskio 7-5
2009 Vilnius
Fax:   +370-5-2162433
Tel:   +370-5-2162258

German source   Thomas Gebing has engines, tires, avionics etc at Hildesheim
One new set of snow skis for AN-2  $2500 USD  ex. Germany
Contact: Thomas Gebing/Classic Wings

Klaipeda Airlines  Lituanian Repair Facility


Tiri Kankkunen in Finland has some AN2 spares:
Starter, Compressor, Oil pump, Carburetor, Spark plugs, Tires, etc.



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Note: Victoria Air Maintenance of Sidney, British Columbia, Canada has experience
with AN-2 as well as with Darton Clean Kits.         contact  Russ Popel

   AIRSHOW info  for  ANTONOV AN-2 buffs

Urbana, Ohio 11 June 2016

Military Appreciation Day

Seeking an AN-2 to participate in this show.


Lou Driever, Grimes Field Mgr.

Phont 937-652-4319


XVII European Antonov AN2 Meeting  2016
13th to 16th August 2016 in F÷hren, Germany.

 European Antonov Meeting at the Airfield of F÷hren in Germany (EDRT). There will be AN2's from many european countries.

For organisational purposes, we would like to ask if you would be interested in attending our meeting. You can confirm your interest by sending us an email to, providing your name/company, plane type, as well as the number of persons.


2013 Russian and Eastern European FLY-IN

2012 Russian and Eastern European FLY-IN on SUNDAY 23rd September 2012 at Sywell, UK.

we are going to organise the yearly An2 meeting in the Netherlands.
I am looking for as much as possible e-mail addresses to inform the owners.

Photos from the 13 th AN-2 meeting courtesy of Michael Bes

Photos from the 13th AN-2 meeting courtesy of Poul-Joergen Christensen

13 th. European AN-2 meeting 2009 information scheduled for August 6th-9th at Stadt Gera, Germany.

12th European AN-2 meeting was held 31 July thru 3 August 2008
at Lotnisko Wilamowo, Ketrzyn, Poland.

Photos can be seen at

and at

The official website is

More photos:

11th European AN-2 meeting took place at Paluknio air park, Lithuania on August 9-12, 2007.
The official website is .
E-mail address:

(link to photographs from this meeting.)
Xth EUROPEAN AN-2 MEETING was held 10-13 August 2006 at Jelenia Gora

Here are Xth meeting photos from Poul-J°rgen Christensen

 16th Annual Vintage Aircraft and Classic Car show on Sept 10, 2005 at Wings Field in Blue Bell, PA.

20th International Old Timer Fly-In,
   Schaffen-Diest, Belgium.
   13-15 August 2004
   website :


X European AN-2 Meeting was held on 14 August 2006 at Jelenia Gora, Poland.
Mantas Vrubliauskas AN2 Meeting info

      This year, the ninth European gathering was held for the first time in the Czech Republic.
The organization of this fly-in gathering was by An-2 VETERAN CLUB, which is a branch of the Heritage of Flying Legend’s Czech Republic.
The ninth European gathering took place at the Jaromer city airport, which is located near Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.

Photos from 2003 Big Bird Fly-In
or Berlin-Reinsdorf...courtesy of Poul-J°rgen Christensen

PHOTOS from the 8th Annual  AN-2 Meeting at Watorowa Airfield Poland 5-8 Aug 2004.
 Courtesy Poul-Jorgen Christensen

Photos of the IX AN-2 Meeting 2005 courtesy of  Poul-J°rgen Christensen

PHOTOS of the IX AN-2 Meeting courtesy of Mantas Vrubliauskas

Send us an e-mail to get your AN-2 airshow event listed!!!!!

More Photos from 2003 7th Annual An2 meeting (

Photos from the 2000  4th European AN-2 gathering at Grudziadz, Poland 29 Jun 2000


Any AN-2 photos from these events would be appreciated!!!!!

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Mike Adkins showing off his "Big Bubinski" at an Air Show.

    PHOTO LINKS Please report any broken links to us !

Wind damage

  AN2 gallery A        AN2 gallery B         AN2 gallery C    AN2 gallery D

AN2 gallery E        Chinese AN-2 at Hong Kong

AN2 gallery F        AN-2s based in the U.S.

Gallery G  Ag Versions         Gallery H Seaplane versions

Gallery K  Interiors Gallery M  Turbo Prop derivatives

Gallery N  IllustrationsGallery P Falcon Air AN-2s

Gallery Q  VIP / Esecutive Interiors

Swiss AN-2 site with lots of photos

Photos from 7th Annual An2 meeting (

Engine Change photos

Annual Insp. photos

Cuban AN-2's

   Cuban AN-2 photo by Tony Rogers

   AN-2V float plane        has fully reversible AV-2R prop

 Excellent set of photos by Emil Pozar!

_Roselli B&W photos

Johns UK page

A German AN-2 page

Great Hungarian AN-2 Photo site

Russian Ballet These girls are beautiful but must be nuts to do this! Photo

Photos from our Owner's Coalition:
Lee Barker's 1995 AN-2      executive version
           Interior aft 2    Interior aft 3

Jim Boschma's 1982 AN-2


Burt Bucher's N794SP

Phil Clarke's AN-2
Bob Haley's AN-2
Dan Owen's AN-2  Destroyed in landing accident..
Gert Martinsson's SE-KYU         on Skiis
Steve Sevier's AN-2
J.D. Webster's 1987 AN-2
Al Stix's AN-2  side view cockpit      cabin

Royne Engstr÷m's AN-2 in Sweden

J.D.'s Guatemalan AN-2 to the rescue

Jon Fowler's N4693W at Oshkosh        Panel Interior
    Received Judge's Choice award for the in-flight  bar.

More on Ron's North Pole incident.....

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    Antonov AN-2s For Sale:           Please report any broken links to us !

AN-2 located in the U.S. for Sale:

AN-2s FOR SALE located outside the U.S.


Wanted 20 or more AN-2 Aircraft’s for monitoring Iraqi high ways.
Will consider rental, lease or purchase proposals.
Aircraft must  (400 hours or less) since last major overhaul.
Will also require:  Instructor pilot and engineering to prepare our AN2 crew for recurrent course in a limited period.
 Recommended spare part contains schedule maintenance part for 500 hours to each aircraft.
 Spare parts provisions for shipment within 48 hours of request.
Contact: jalal al-nasraoy <>


AN-2 latest built, K or P versions, late 1980 or early 1990. Any registration is fine.
Contact Pavel at Mockba.
Will trade British Hunting Jet Provost with spare engine  for good AN-2...
The Provost is a 1960's 2 place Jet trainer.
Contact: Mr Tom Anderson
fax (801)944 3514             phone (801) 243 4480

Am looking for 3 or maybe more, AN 2 on floats, to be based and operated in the Far East.
 Long term lease or purchase.
 Pls contact:
 Rob McKay.
GM SinoFortune Sdn Bhd.
Mobile: +6012 708 4774.
Office: +607 332 8094.
Fax: +697 331 8237.

We are looking for an AN2 on floats (for sale or lease) to be operated in France.
Offers welcome.
Eric Le Quere
GSM +33617954518
Looking for an AN-2 which is registrated in europe - in an JAA -
state. passenger version in good condition for purchase, or for lease.

Also we are looking for a AN-2 owner who is interesed to work toghter with
us in Spain for Flying-tours we are offering.

Contact: Hans, E-mail:, tel: 0034-699775501
Flug-Tours in Andalusien und Spanien


11150 Vejer-Cadiz
Tel: +34-699775501
Fax: +49-89-74281745

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   Models of the AN-2

AN-2 in detail and Yugoslav service. CD $19.90  Excellent set of walk around photos by Emil Pozar!
 Includes interior and cockpit.

1:6 Scale AN-2
Scale 1:6 (span (3m)118").length (2.1m)83").What you see on the fotos is the first step to a airborne model.these parts
are only made to build a negative mold, in which we can produce a number of models.
The whole plane will be made in this way. It is planed as a RC Model with an engine of 60-80ccm and minimum 8hp.
All parts are similar to the real one. airborne weight will be around 15-17 kg.
(Search AN2-Bausatz)

Internet Model Maker's photos    May 99 Issue featured AN-2 but is now only avail. on CD-Rom



1/72 ANTONOV AN-2       ITA0091 $19.50

Trumpeter Plastic Models     1/72 Scale

    (Features: 93 parts on 4 sprues. Completed model:
     7" long, 10" wingspan. Includes markings for Polish
    AN2 and Chinese Y5.) - $7.99

    #1606 - 1/72 ANTONOV AN2V COLT BIPLANE
    ON FLOATS (Features: 108 parts on 6 sprues.
    Includes mkgs. for Poland & Soviet Navy. - $7.99

     #1607 - 1/72 ANTONOV AN2 COLT BIPLANE
     ON SKIS (Features: 103 parts on 5 sprues.
     Includes markings for Poland.) - $7.99

Scale Aircraft Modelling - Magazine   November 1998 Issue
features: Antonov An-2, in detail with  nice color schemes...

AN-2 memorabilia

AN-2 Book

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    AN-2 Flight Simulator Software Download sites:
has  8 versions of the AN-2 found by using the search term colt         download  ""    for Microsoft FS-2002
from Flight Library.......

FS98/FS2000 Antonov An2 ZH Cargo Virtual arctic airline

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    QUERIES: Submit an AN-2 question for posting

1. Does anyone have wiring pin-out and/or schematics of the Russian Radios for AN-2???

2. Does anyone have detailed trouble shooting info on the gyro induction compass???

3. Does anyone have experience licensing an AN-2 in Mexico?

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AN2 Video Links and Videos

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