Video Links and AN-2 Videos

Turbine versions:

Antonov An-3T / RA-05882 KrasAvia / K9 780 Departure: Vanavara Airport (UNIW), Russia

 AN-2 turbo mod.

 MAKS-2015  30.08.2016

How to fly Antonov An-2 by Waldemar Miszkurka, the man who flew around the world in 1997 on An-2.

How to fly an Antonov AN2 ~ being Copilot to an Antonov AN2 in the cockpit

 Short Take Off

AN2 airshow


Sky Divers / Parachutist

funny commercial

AN-2 on Floats


SP-ANA Crash Scene video

AN-2 Crash shots

2 Sep 2017 Airshow crash near Moscow

Engine Startups

N26AN at Genesco, NY

Antonov An-2 HA-ANI, engine start/ run-up checks and take off from Ameland (EHAL)
 filmed from the cockpit

Starting radial engine after approximately one month of sitting in hangar.

AN 2.Aterrizando un Antonov en una MINI Pista. Quando si dice manico e fegato

AN-2 Type Rating

Башкирские авиалинии "Кукурузник" Самолет АН-2 ЧП в поле. АН-2 застрял в грязи вытаскивали с JСB

Кукурузник АН 2 Самолет

RA-84566 Crash

RA-33601 crash 2012

Итоги недели: Ан-2 -- топить или не топить

Korean People's Army Air Force Antonov An-2 Flight, Wonsan Air Festival 2016, DPRK

Beautiful day to fly with the old Antonov. GREAT Sound of radial engine!

Antonov An-2 flight with ES-BAB 7 September 2013 at Nurmsi Airfield, Estonia. Movie by Nienke Bos.

Flight in Antonov AN-2 from Vinnitsa to Lvov

Antonov AN 2: Interview mit Pilotin Petra Mock

An-2 fast descent and landing cockpit view HD
After dropping out parachute jumpers descent from 3000m took less than 3 minutes.

PZL-Mielec An-2 mosquito control at Szeged airport, Hungary

Antonov AN2, JD 8260R, 5090M,JCB (Légi mutrágyaszórás) (Antonov An2 spreading fertilizer)

Lennupäevad 2017 Antonov an-2 in cockpit aerobatic manoeuvres.

Dookola swiata (Around the world) Waldemar Miszkurka


Vuelo del Capitan Miguel Rebolledo Antonov AN2 canaima#1

AN2 landing on 200 m length field  Romania , landing near lake Surduc.

An-2 from 3rd Pursuit Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force at Cable Airport in Upland, California

AN-2 That Crashed in San Bernardino on May 6 2016

An-2 Rescue Operation (Roman at work)

AN-2 washing its wheels in a river

AN-2 Liming forest / Letecké vápnení lesu - PERNINK 2015

 (Icy runway)

 struck on the head while clearing oil from cylinders

AN-2 "Wiedenczyk" w Nowym Targu 2015

Motoare (Antonov AN-2V) float plane

Antonov An-2V