This Shijianzhuang built Y5-B is equipped with the optional "Winglet" modification to improve
rate-of-climb.  The winglets reduce drag by moving the wing tip vortex outboard.

The Chinese version of the AN-2, the Y-5, was licensed in 1957 and was initially produced by  the
Nanchang Aircraft Company and exported to various countries including North Korea and Albania.
Chinese production as the Y-5 was transferred to Shijiazhuang Aircraft in 1970.
The main Chinese version is the standard Y-5N, while the latest development is the Y-5C paratroop
carrier for the PLA-AF with distinctive wingtip vanes.

North Korea still operates over 200 of  these aircraft and a few surviving Russian and Polish built models.

A Chinese Y-5 first flew in Dec 1957, then Nanchang was permitted to  produce the aircraft  following
the guidance of the specialists and blueprints from USSR. In 1958, the factory finished 90 Y-5s.
There were  728 Y-5s produced in the 10 years before the production line at Nanchang 302 closed.
In May 1970, the  Redstar factory at Shijiazhuang continued the production.
Several variations of the Y-5 were produced according to the requirement of the China Airline, Airforce
and Navy. In 1958, following USSR guidance, a variation was designed for agricultural use. The
temperature problem of the cockpit was solved so that the Y-5 could be widely used in South China.
This type of Y-5  was renamed Y-5B and 229 were produced during 1958. In the same year two types
of five seat aerobuses were designed for Airforce and both were produced. Later in 1959 with the new
code "Y-5A", a 11 seat aerobus was produced for China Airline. One hundred and fourteen were built.
Nanchang also designed the Y-5D for Airforce bombing training  in 1958 and totally produced 116 units.
In early 1960s` some special Y-5s were produced, such as a 7 seat Y-5 as a gift to Chairman Hu of
Vietnam. Two similar planes were built for Nepal`s king in Nov 1961.
A floatplane, designated as the Y-5C, was built for Navy in 1964 using the USSR`s Aluminium alloy
pontoon design.  In 1965 the pontoons were changed to Nanchang 320`s own design and 6 of these
were  built for Navy.

Some Y-5s are equipped with a Chinese Huosai-H5 (1000 Hp) Engine, but many have the Polish
built ASz-62IR-16 (1000 Hp) Engine.
In 1956, the Zhuzhou Aeroengine Factory ZEF started  the production of the HS5 engine for the Y-5,
the Chinese version of the Antonov  An-2. This largest biplane of the world had the same engine as the
Li-2 (Similar to DC-3) and gradually  the Chinese Li-2's received the Chinese engines as well. The
production of the HS5  engine was rather successful. Up to 1986 (!), more than 2,600 HS5 engines
were built,  especially for the Y-5 and Li-2. Basically the engine is the same as the 9 cylinder air
cooled Wright R.1820.

More Photos
Standard Chinese Y5 at Hong Kong.

  Mongolian AN2/Y5  at Moron

PLAAF  Y5     Photo by Jim Walg  pictured at Shenyang 1987


Note the Y5-C pontoon version in background.

More AN-2 Seaplane photos
A rare Y-5C Float Version... only 6 were produced.

Chinese Y-5B parts fit AN-2

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Aircraft: An2/Y5         Instruments
#         P/N         QTY         ENGLISH DESCRIPTION
1         BG-1A     1                 ALTIMETER
2         LT-1         2                 AZIMUTH INSTRUMENT
3          BWH-1    4                 TEMP GAUGE
4          BDP-1     3                 HORIZONAL
5                          2                  GYRO
6          A3            1               WINDSHIELD MOTOR
7      WG-2A        2             INDICATOR
8                           1              OIL PRESSURE SENSOR
10                                            FLAP SENSOR
11      DG--6         2                 MOTOR
12      LQ-3             1                     FILTER
13      DZ--1         11                 SPARK PLUGS
14                           6                 BRAKE PLATE
15      DH-1         1                     STARTER COIL
16      JT-5A         2                 CABIN CALL
17      KTR-908    1                RADIO
18    WG-2A                            ALTIMETER
19     A3                 1                 PUMP
20      S-3             6                 FAN
21      SY-11         2                 BOOSTER
22      SBL-125     2                  CONVERTER
23      SBL-53       2                 CONVERTER
24  WG-2A             2                 INDICATOR