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Copy of  Type Certificate for ASz-62 IR

 Polish Type Cert. for ASz-62 series engines

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The  WSK Kalisz ASz-62 engine is a 1000hp nine cylinder air cooled supercharged
radial engine. It was developed, by license, from the Wright R-1820 Cyclone.  It is the
standard power plant for all versions of the AN-2.

The aircraft engine type ASz-62IR is a single row nine cylinder,air-cooled carburetor
radial engine with reduction gear. The engine is provided with a singlespeed centrifugal
supercharger, a double ignition system, and inertia starter. It is adapted to drive several
accessories including those of the agricultural equipment. The engineis used to power
the An-2 and M-1 8 aircraft. It has proven to be very reliable when operated under
extremely severe conditions in arctic and desert climates. It has also proven dependable
for agricultural aviation.

The ASz-62IR engine meets the requirements of FAR-33 and has met the certification
requirements of Poland, Canada, Brazil, China and the USA. It is also approved for use
on the Dehaviland Otter in Canada.

The more modern versions of the ASz-621R engine are the K9-AA, Kg-BA and K9-BB.
These engines have been improved by increasing their power. Their take-offpower is
860 kW and their power rating is 698 kW. The K9-BA engine is also equipped with an
adapter which allows setting the propeller into the feathered airscrew position.The K9-AA
and the K9-BBengines are suitable for the PZL M-24 (Super Dromader) aircraft.
The H9-BA engine issuitable for the DC-3 (Dakota) aircraft.

Cylinder Bore    6.125 inch(155.5 mm)      Stroke    6.875 inch (174.6 mm)
Swept Volume    1823 Cu. inches(29.67 liters)
Compression Ratio    6.4:1

Gear Reduction ratio  0.637:1            11:16
Supercharger to crankshaft ratio 7:1

    Diameter   54 1/8 inches    (1375 mm)
    Length        44 1/2 inches    (1130 mm) (without Starter and Generator)

Dry Weight:  1250 pounds

Fuel    100 octane aviationfuel  (91 octane minimum)
Oil       Aeroshell 100 or 120

Time to First Overhaul    1200 hrs         Time to 2nd Overhaul    1000 hrs
Total Engine Life     6200 hrs

Cylinders are numbered CW as viewed from Cockpit with cylinder number1 at the top.

Cylinders 4, 5, 6 & 7 , being lower,  are therefore more prone to Hydraulic Lock problems,
with  number 5 and number 6 being the most prone.  The Oil Sump is located between cylinders
5 and 6.

The intake pipes on cylinders 3, 4 & 5 have drain plugs installed in their low points.

Spark Plug installation torque  40 ft-lbs

The AKM-62 IRA carburetor is a 4 barrel down-draft carburetor fed with two float chambers.
It is equipped with an aneroid operated Altitude Compensator.

The engine is equipped with two BSM-9 magnetos. Right Mag. Spark advance is 20 degrees BTDC.
Left hand Mag. Spark advance is 15  degrees BTDC. The right hand magneto fires the front
spark plugs and the left hand magneto fires the rear plugs.

The AN-2 engine is started with an RIM-U-24 Inertial Starter and auxilliary vibrator spark coil.
The inertial flywheel turns at 10,000 to 12,500 RPM and is geared 133:1to turn the engine
at 75 to 94 RPM.       Starter Clutch is limited to 795 ft-lbs.

The GSN-3000M generator is rated at 28.5 VDC and 100 Amperes
(fused at 150 Amps.) regulated by carbon pile.

Fuel Pump:
The BNK-12BK engine driven fuel pump is mounted on the right side rearof the engine and
includes a demand fuel pressure regulator.

Prop Speed Governor:
The R-9SM2, mounted on reduction gear cover, controls propellor pitch.

Air Compressor:
The AK-50P Air Compressor is mounted on right rear crankcase coverand provides air
pressure for the pneumatic brake system. An 8 liter ball-shaped air tank stores 50 KG/cm2
(711 psi) air.

Vacuum Pump:
The 212CW Vacuum Pump provides vacuum for Aircraft Gyros.
Note:  Agricultural versions of AN-2  may have a PLTZ-15 Hydraulic Pump
installed in place of a Vacuum Pump.

This Engine and Prop is also approved for replacement use on the DehavillandOtter.

The AN-2 uses a four blade AW-2 constant speed propellor 3.6 meters in diameter (11 ft. 10 in.)

Note: The Dromedar M-18 Ag plane uses an AW-2-30 which has the same hub but slightly shorter blades.

The AW-2-30 Series 01 can be used on both  engine type ASz-62IRz or ASz-62M with three-passage
oil outlet ....  and with constant speed governor R9SM-2.
The AW-2-30 Series 02 is intended for use on the engine type ASz-62M but can be adapted to the ASz-62IRz
by replacing the spacing sleeve 30-037 with spacing sleeve 62-10-310.

The propellor is manufactured by Polskie Zaklady Lotnicze, Warsaw, Okecie.

Prop/Crank ratio      11:16        (0.6875:1)

Max prop RPM = 1510            (max engine rpm=2200)

Fine Pitch angle @ 1meter radius = 17 degrees min
Coarse Pitch angle         "             =  32 degrees max

Blade sweep Diameter      3.3 meters (note: the AW-2 prop was 3.6 meters in diameter)
Number of Blades                4
Weight                                187 Kg    (412 pounds)
(each blade weighs 56 pounds and the hub assy. weighs about 188 pounds)

Time to first OH                2000 hours
TBO                                 1500 hours

Note:  Blade threads should be lubricated with black bear grease or bo-shield every 50 hours or during
each annual inspection.

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