Anyone willing to contribute jpeg images of  AN-2  avionic equipment or instrumentation.....
Please send them here. I could also use help in gathering info for this page......

I am also seeking technical and trouble-shooting data on the GIK-1 Induction Compass system
which has the sensor mounted in left lower wing tip.......

We also need wiring diagrams, pin-outs, schematics, etc. on any / all Avionics for AN-2.

View of avionics equipment on left side of tail compartment.

ARK-9 ADF  Control Head located on copilot's instrument panel.

R-842 HF Radio Control Head located in copilot's instrument panel.    (more modern version)

Baklan 5  VHF Radio control head in center console

Another VHF control head found in AN-2's
R-860 VHF radio.


  felszerelés:          R-842, RSz-6102 vagy Baclan-5 rádiók, INTPH bels? rádió.

ARK-9 Radio Compass

MRP-56P Marker Beacon Receiver ( located under Pilot's floor.)
    consisting of:
        MRP-56P Receiver
        BP-MRP--56P Supply Unit
        Warning Bell
        Signal Lamp

RW-UM    Radio Altimeter  (located in left tail compartment)
    consisting of:
        PP-UM Transceiver
        UW-57 Indicator
        PSW-UM  Switch
        WCzF-3  Filter
        SLM-61 Signal Lamp
        Transmitting Antenna
        Receiving Antenna

or A-037 Radio Altimeter
    consisting of:
        A-037-1 Transceiver
        A-034-4-17 Indicator

SPU-7    Intercom (amplifier located under Pilot's floor)
    consisting of:
        SPU-7 Amplifier  (located under cockpit floor)
        and 3 subscriber boxes (pilot, copilot and rear cabin attendent)

VHF Comm Radio    (one of the following:)
    Baklan-5    (Most AN-2's were equipped with Baklan-5 a 760 channel 5 watt VHF transceiver.)
    KX 175B
    Nav/Comm Radio    Some AN-2's are equipped with KX-165 which serves for both Comm and VOR

HF Comm Radio
    R-842-M    (2 to 8 MHz) (mounted in tail compartment - right side)

Transponder    Some AN-2's are equipped with KT-76A Transponder

ELT-10        Most AN-2's will have an Emergency Locator Transmitter installed.

AN-2 with avionics on bulkhead 5

View of  G-3M gyro unit and unknown items under co-pilot floor.


View of equipment under pilot's floor...


GIK-1 Gyro Induction Compass    (requires 36 VAC 400 Hz from inverter)
    consists of:
        G-3M Gyro Unit    (located under floor)
        ID    Induction Transmitter (located in left lower wing tip)
        KM    Correction Mechanism
        U-6M Amplifier Unit
        UGR-1 Indicator
        UK-3   Indicator
        SK-11 Junction Box    (located under floor)
        WK-53RB    Correction Switch
        5KS    Synchronizing (Slaving) Knob

GPK-48 Directional Gyro indicator.

KI-13A  Magnetic Compass    (mounted on forward windshield frame)

AGK-47  Artificial Horizon      (requires 36 VAC 400 Hz from inverter)

AChS-1 Clock

ARK-9 Operating Instructions

The ARK 9 ADF  will only work with the 115V/ 400 Hz inverter running and the ADF
circuit breaker switched on.

ARK 9  ADF controls:

The large knob at the top right selects the operating mode.
         First setting is " off"
         Second mode is normal ADF

With the two frequency selector knobs you dial in the desired beacon radio
The active ADF station will be indicated by a green lamp glowing next to the
frequency selector knob and the big "Radiokompass" Indicator will point to
that beacon or radio station.(mode name is "Kompass")

The small knobs next to the selector knobs are for fine tuning.

The strength of the input signal is indicated by the small gauge on the top of the
ARK 9 control panel.

When you select ADF" on the Intercom subscriber box, you will hear the beacon
Id-tone codes.

         Third mode setting is "ANT"

In this mode the ARK-9 will act as a simple midwave radio reciever.

        Fourth mode setting is "Frame"

In this mode here you can use the directional frame antenna without the sense antenna.

Here you can manually turn the frame antenna with the small left-right
switch labeled "Rama"  (upper right corner of ARK-9 control panel)

Just below this switch is the volume control knob.

The purpose of the left top switch next to the meter is yet unknown to me,
(this may select the active ADF station????? someone please advise!)

Below is a switch were you can select "modulated" or "unmodulated"
signal. The "unmodulated" choice makes the CW ID-tone codes easier to

Below the ARK-9 control panel you will find a switch for selecting either
"first" or "spare" ADF.

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