AN-2 Accidents:

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5 Sep 2017 an AN-2 of an unknown operator crashed at Playa Linda in Bolivar State, Venezuela, killing a passenger.

4 Sep 2017
an AN-2 aircraft operated by Aéreo Transporte La Montańa flipped over when landing at La Paragua Airport. Damage was substantial, but there were no fatalities.

2 Sep 2017 Antonov TR-301 (An-2 mono-plane and turbine conversion) force landed near the village of Turinskaya Sloboda.

2 Sep 2017     AN-2 fatal crash at Airshow near Moscow 2 fatalities.
Reg. number RA-35171 ser. num. 1G113-10   1969 AN-2T


28 Jul 2017    AN-2R Ag version crashed on rice farm  1 injured no fatalities. Reg. RA-40908 serial 1G215-45 1985 model.

28 Jun 2017   AN-2R   reg. UR-19717 ser. 1G165-31 1975 model  damaged beyond repair during Ag operations following loss of power... one minor injury.

6 Jun 2017  TurboProp version TVS-2MS crashed on takeoff.. nine on board not injured. Reg. RA2099G serial number 1G73-40 1966 airframe 2013 TPE331 turbine engine.

2 May 2017  N2AN  ser. 1G210-55 crash landed near San Berardino airport due to fuel contamination engine failure (water in gascolator) .. no injuries but considerable damage to aircraft.

6 May 2016     AN-2 Registered to CAF (American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum) suffered engine failure, made forced landing and nosed over. Both men on board escaped without injury. Incident occured near Highland, Californina, about 70 miles east of L.A.

19 Jun 2015     AN-2R   reg. RA-40646  ser. 1G213-53  1985 substantial damage no injuries.

15 Jun 2015   AN-2R  reg. RA-84553   Ag. struck wires while dusting than impacted ground and burned. one injured.

16 May 2015   AN-2R  reg. LY-AET

10 May 2015  AN-2    reg. RF-01159 ser. 1G108-24  DOSAAF forced landing off field. no injuries aircraft was consumed by fire.

31 Mar 2015   AN-2T  reg. RF-00388   DOSAAF flipped and damaged by high winds while parked.

26 Mar 2015   AN-2R    reg UR-62681  Ag. two fatalities. during illegal smuggling flight at night.

20 Jan 2015    AN-2 Crashed near Shatyrkol mine in Kazakhstan. 6 dead, 1 seriously injured survivor. Cause: Poor visibility at landing site.

26 Oct 2013   AN-2  unregistered illegal flight in siberia crashed and burned trying to land on unlighted airstrip at Tayozhny in east siberia.

10 Sep 2013   AN-2T  reg. D-FWJC  ????

19 Jun 2013   AN-2R  reg. HA-MDP ser. 1G185-44 1979 Ag. forced landing in wheat field.

10 May 2013   AN-2R   YR-LRA  ser. 1G195-09 1982 model forced landing due to fuel starving.
was engaged in forest liming? ops 

23 Apr 2012  AN-2R  YR-BOR ser. 1G192-13 1981 model. ground looped during attempted precautionary landing because of high cyl. head temp. damaged beyond repair no injuries.

22 Mar 2012  AN-2   FLA-1041K  (illegal registration) crashed in forest during illegal operations.

12 Dec 2011  AN-2 unknown reg. crashed in south Sudan carrying officers of Uganda Peoples Defense Force. struck a tree shortly after takeoff was destroyed by flames. no injuries.

9 Sep 2011   AN-2TD   reg. D-FONC ser. 1G180-42 1978 model. destroyed by fire (arson?)

3 Sep 2011 AN-2R  UR-17739 ser. 1G202-59 1983 model. struck trees during spraying ops. crashed and burned fatality.

28 Aug 2011 AN-2R   RA-01105 ser. 1G239-50 1991 model. crashed during Ag spary ops. due to poor fuel. nosed over caught fire. one fatality.

27 Jul 2011  AN-2R   RA-33046 ser. 1G218-33  caught fire during fueling operations.

9 Jul 2011   AN-2TP reg. SP-AOW ser. 1G211-01  lost directional control on takeoff run and collapsed the landing gear during ground loop.  no injuries to the 12 parachutist on board.

17 Jun 2011 AN-2   reg. RF-00447 DOSAAF   flipped by high winds while parked..

10 April 2011    AN-2 owned by Vertol  Corp. crash landed near Loxley, Alabama after major engine failure. Landed in rough field. Left main gear collapsed and aircraft flipped. Crew escaped without serious injury. Aircraft totaled.

Time:14:18 LT
Type:Antonov An-2
Registration: UR-54873
C/n / msn:
Fatalities:Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 2
Other fatalities:0
Airplane damage: Substantial
Location:near Dibrov, Zhytomyr Region -   Ukraine
Phase: Landing
Departure airport:
Destination airport:
The plane flipped while trying to land on the field. The crew did not get injured.

CX-CAP crashed and burned 24 Oct 2010 due to engine failure on takeoff from Santa Isabel airfield in Argentina. Pilot and 9 sky divers all survived.


Jul 5, 2010 .A military Antonov An-2 plane crashed in Romania. About 10 soldiers were reportedly killed while many others are injured according to the initial reports. The Antonov An-2 crashed in south east of Romania today afternoon and belong to the Cadet Air Force school  The Antonov An-2 aircraft was carrying four crew members and nine parachutists from the Romanian Navy when it took off from Tuzla airfield. They were on a training mission to parachute from the aircraft. Moments after takeoff, the aircraft suddenly lost height and crashed into the ground at around 5.40 p.m. local time, officials said. The plane immediately caught fire after the impact, but was extinguished 35 minutes later.

4 May 2009  14:30 a ROK military AN-2 or Y-5 crashed and burned in South Korea.
It was based at Seong Mu AB, South Korea. The aircraft crashed in a grape vinyard. Both pilots escaped but were injured.


11 Jan 2008, AN-2 HA-MKK, Serial Number 1G178-53 (S5-CAL) nick-named "Fata" or "Fat Angie",  piloted by Viktor Becan "Som", who died in the crash. Co-pilot, Savo Medved, was seriously burned and struggling to survive. Crash occured near Trgbovlje, Slovenia. Aircraft was operated by Paranoia Skydiving School.
Aircraft struck a hill while scud running in deteriorating weather.

29 Mar 2007, AN-2   YV-1953C, 1G238-26, operated by Mayor y Detal de Viveres, stalled and crashed on takeoff due to overload at (SVPU) La Paragua, Venezuela, no fatalities.
18 Jan 2007, AN-2, SP-FIN, 1G899-57, privately owned, was flipped by a wind storm while parked at (EPJG) Jelenia Gora it landed
atop another AN-2 SP-AOA, 1G233-21, owned by Aeroklub Jeleniogorski, crushing its tail.
11 Jan 2007, an AN-3T (RA-05893) belonging to Polyamye Avialinii, at Ust-Ilimsk, Russia,  no fatalities.


AN-2 Crash In Uzbekistan Kills 15
19 Oct '06    UK-70152       sn: 1G137-26
Military Training Flight Ends In Disaster

An Uzbekistan Airways Antonov AN-2 single-engine biplane with 13 Uzbek military personnel and two pilots aboard crashed early Thursday. All died in the accident.

Reports are sketchy, but state-run news reports say the crew lost control of the aircraft while attempting an off-airport emergency landing in deteriorating weather conditions near Tashkent.

Uzbek military officials say the aircraft was contracted from the airline for military training.
17 June 2006, AN-2 UN-70367, Serial 1G141-21, Flamingo Air crashed near Taiynsha, Kazakstan while returning from Ag ops with one fatality; reportedly performing low altitude manuevers to impress a group of women.

April 23, 2006
Time:  20:50
Location:  Near Tersky, Russia
Operator:  Yug Avia
Flight #:  ?
Route:  Tersky - Tersky Terskiy - Terskiy
AC Type:  Antonov AN-2R Antonov AN-2R
Registration:  RF-30451
cn / ln:  ?
Aboard:  5   (passengers:4  crew:1)
Fatalities:  4   (passengers:3  crew:1)
Ground:  0
Summary:  Shortly after takeoff, the pilot made sharp manuvers and lost the control of the plane and crashed 1 km from the airport. According to Russian authorities, the flight was unauthorized and illegal. Pilot was intoxicated.

11 Apr 2006, LZ-1178, belonging to Kapoly Air, at Svishtov, Bulgaria, two fatalities. Crashed during Ag operations with two unauthorized passengers.
18 Nov 2005, AN-2  RA-02252, belonging to Polyot Aeroclub crashed near Ekimchan with 3 fatalities.

19 OCT 2005
Time: 10:57
Type: Antonov 2
Operator: Naryan-Mar Air Enterprise
Registration:  ?
Crew: 0 fatalities / 2 on board
Passengers: 0 fatalities / 13 on board
Total: 0 fatalities / 15 on board
Airplane damage: Written off
Location: near Labozhskoe (Russia)
Phase: En route (ENR)
Nature: Domestic Scheduled Passenger
The Antonov was operating on a flight from Nes to Narian-Mar via Oma and Nizhnyaya Pesha. En route the engine failed, forcing the pilot to carry out an emergency landing. The plane landed in a wooded area. One passenger was injured and the plane suffered serious damage to the wings and the underside of the fuselage
21 SEP 2005
Time: ca 13:15 UTC
Type: Antonov 2 ?
Operator: Panafrican Airways
Registration:  ?
Crew: 2 fatalities / 2 on board
Passengers: 0 fatalities / 1 on board
Total: 2 fatalities / 3 on board
Airplane damage: Written off
Location: 40 km (25 mls) W of Bukavu (Congo (Democratic Republic))
Phase: En route (ENR)
Nature: Cargo
Departure airport: Kasese Airport (KSE)
Destination airport: Bukavu-Kamenbe (BKY)
The Antonov plane operated on a flight from Kasese to Bukavu. It was chartered by the Decilac company which is based in Bukavu. The aircraft is understood to have encountered a heavy thunderstorm and crashed in mountaneous terrain. The female passenger survived the accident, the Armenian pilot and Congolese copilot were killed in the accident.
The exact Antonov model involved in the accident has not yet been confirmed.
04 SEP 2005
Type: Antonov 2
Operator: Polyot Aeroclub
Registration:  RA-00901 ?
Crew: 2 fatalities / 2 on board
Passengers: 1 fatality / 1 on board
Total: 3 fatalities / 3 on board
Airplane damage: Written off
Location: 19 km (11.9 mls) NE of Ekimchan (Russia)
Phase: En route (ENR)
Nature: Cargo
Departure airport: Ekimchan
Destination airport: Udskoye
The Antonov 2 plane, belonging to the Amur organization of Russia's Sports & Technology Society was chartered for a flight from Ekimchan to Chumikan via Udskoye. The airplane never arrived at Udskoye and was declared missing. Low clouds, rain and thunderstorms made searching for the plane difficult. The wreckage was found after a 12-day search. The aircraft had flown into Mt. Bryus (1,550 m) of the Selemja range.
02 SEP 2005               Photo
Type: Antonov 2TP
Operator: Aeroklubu Polskiej Rzeczypospolitej Ludowej - APRL
Registration:  SP-ANA
Msn / C/n:  1G29-21
Crew: ? fatalities / ? on board
Passengers: ? fatalities / ? on board
Total: ? fatalities / ? on board
Airplane damage: Written off
Location: near Zielona Gora (Poland)
Phase: Unknown (UNK)
Nature: Unknown
Narrative: Crashed.

11 May 2005 at 0930LT  Crew on board  2
Type of Aircraft  PZL-Mielec AN-2R  Pax on board  0
Company name  Bosphor  Crew fatalities  2
Registration  UR-84559  Pax fatalities  0
Location  Kolyadynets, Sumy region, Ukraine
Schedule    Total fatalities  2
Construction number  1G189-26
Year of manufacture  1980

The crew was performing a crop-dusting work when the single engine aircraft crashed in an open field located near the village of Kolyadynets, in the Sumy region, Ukraine. Both pilots were killed. It seems that the engine had a technical failure in flight.

29 March 2005 at 1645LT  Crew on board  1
Type of Aircraft  PZL-Mielec AN-2  Pax on board  1
Company name    Crew fatalities  0
Registration  YV-2447P  Pax fatalities  0
Location  Papelon, Venezuela
Schedule  La Paragua - Papelon  Total fatalities  0
Construction number     ?
Year of manufacture       ?

The aircraft crashed on landing in unknown circumstances. Both occupants were injured and the aircraft is damaged beyond repair.

8 March 2005  Crew on board  2
Type of Aircraft  PZL-Mielec AN-2T  Pax on board  0
Company name  Transmandu - Transportes Aéreos Manduca  Crew fatalities  2
Registration  YV-280C
Location  La Paragua, Venezuela
Schedule  Canaima - La Paragua  Total fatalities  2
Construction number  1G-214-09
Year of manufacture  1991

Both pilots were killed when the aircraft crashed 8 NM from La Paragua airport.


13 January 2005 at 1720LT
Time: 13:20
Location: Tura,Siberia, Russia
Operator: Tura Air Enterprise
Flight #: ?
Route: Vanavara - Tura
AC Type: Antonov AN-2 Registration: RA-62597  cn / ln: 1G177-44
Aboard: 9   (passengers:7  crew:2)
Fatalities: 9   (passengers:7  crew:2)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft disappeared from radar as it was attempting to land. It crashed into a hill 6 miles from its destination. Poor weather conditions existed at the time of the accident.
The aircraft crashed in the Siberian region of Evenkiya on a flight from Vanavara to Tura. The pilote requested permission to land at Tura at 1720LT. This was the last contact with the crew. The single engine aircraft crashed into a 500 meters high hill close to the Bazhenov river, about 10 km south-east of Tura. The aircraft was completely destroyed but there was no explosion or fire. All nine on board were killed.
9 July 2004  Crew on board  2
Type of Aircraft  PZL-Mielec AN-2R  Pax on board  0
Company name  Kostroma Air Enterprise  Crew fatalities  0
Registration  RA-02230  Pax fatalities  0
Location  Yaroslavy, Russia
Schedule  Yaroslavy - Yaroslavy  Total fatalities  0
Construction number  1G235-01
Year of manufacture

On takeoff, the single engine aircraft struck an obstacle, overturned and crashed into flames near the runway end. Both pilots were seriously injured and the aircraft was destroyed by fire.
19 May 2004 at 1040LT  Crew on board  2
Type of Aircraft  PZL-Mielec AN-2R  Pax on board  10
Company name  Aray-Avia  Crew fatalities  0
Registration  UN-70276  Pax fatalities  0
Location  Bozoy, Kazakhstan
Schedule  Kyzyl-Orda - Bozoy - Vozrozhdenya Island  Total fatalities  0
Construction number  1G139-35
Year of manufacture

After take off from Bozoy airport, the single engine aircraft stalled and crashed in a field located near the runway end. Among the 12 occupants on board, three were slightly injured and the aircraft was written off. The investogators said that the aircraft stalled due to the fact that it was overloaded. All occupants were doctors who have to go to Vozrozhdenya Island for a anti-plague program.

13 Oct, 2003
Antonov AN-2T, YV-901C, 1G238-27, operated by Aereo Transporte La Montana, crashed near La Paragua, Venezuela
no fatalities.
October 11, 2003
Time:  16:00
Location:  Uriman, Venezuela
Operator:  Transmandu
Flight #:  ?
Route:  ?
AC Type:  Antonov AN-2TP Registration:  YV-1128C    1G238-12
Aboard:  2   (passengers:0  crew:2)
Fatalities:  1   (passengers:0  crew:1)
Summary:  Crashed into the Caroni River shortly after taking off.

5 November 2003  Crew on board
Type of Aircraft  Antonov AN-2  Pax on board   ?
Company name  Blagoveshchensk AK  Crew fatalities   ?
Registration  FLARF-00887  Pax fatalities   ?
Location  Tambovka, Russia
Schedule    Total fatalities   ?
Construction number     ?
Year of manufacture   ?

Force landed and caught fire near Tambovka after technical problem.

2 Aug 2003
 Essen, Germany.
The plane was registered in Germany ( D-FONE) called "The Red Baron".
The flight was one of a number of round trips from +/- 30 min at that time
with 1 pilot and 12 passengers. The pilot lost power (fuel?) and made an
excellent emergency landing on a Hockey field! (80 m). Nobody was injured
and there was no structural damage at the plane.
02.08.03: Lost power over Essen, NRW, Germany
and made emergency landing at Essen, 1 pilot + 10 pax(parachuters?),
2 pax jostled , landing was hard but  a/c un-damaged...

Air International, september issue, p.74 wrote:
"5.april 03, AN-2, 91-0074, US Army/ATEC-ATSA Det,
damaged in unspecified accident, details unknown"
(one AN-2 in service for technical studies)

             Airframe icing - possible cause of An-2 crash in Irkutsk region

     The missing An-2 plane, which was discovered in the Irkutsk on Tuesday, is irreparably damaged, reported the region's
     Chief Department of Emergencies and Civil Defence.

     The plane was found on the slope of a hill 68 kilometres from the district center of Bodaibo. None of the five people on
     board suffered serious injuries. They were all taken to Bodaibo airport.

     The Eastern Siberian inter-territorial office of the Russian Air Traffic Service said the plane had undergone major repairs
     in the summer and was piloted by an experienced crew.

     A special commission headed by Viktor Zamotayev, a deputy head of the Eastern Siberian office of the ATS, is in Bodaibo
     investigating the cause of the crash. According to preliminary information, the crash might have been caused by airframe

     Igor Samovolnov, the head of the Irkutsk region's Chief Department of Emergencies and Civil Defence, dismissed media
     reports that said the plane had been loaded with gold. Actually it was loaded with food products and spare parts for
     prospectors' artels, he said.

16 Sep 2002 Moscow News
Plane Crash Kills 11

MOSCOW (AP) -- A small plane carrying a group of skydivers crashed shortly
after takeoff from an airport in a remote part of Siberia on Saturday,
killing 11 of 14 people on board, an official said.

The An-2 plane went down about 2.5 kilometres from the runway in the village
of Shalinskoye, in the Krasnoyarsk region, said Gennady Savelyev, a duty
officer at the Siberian emergency situations department. The plane was
carrying 11 skydivers and three crew members.

Savelyev said a preliminary investigation pointed to engine failure.

140902     Antonov AN-2       Parachute Club    Krasnoďarsk, Russia   11/14
13 Aug 2002..... Vagai, Russia    0/15   ( fatalities/total on board)
130802     Antonov AN-2                                  Vagai, Russia              0/15
 ? July 2002 ....AN-2 Ag version  . Southern Air Region of Russia.
Took off with Aileron control locks in place. Crashed and burned.          2/2
050602     Antonov AN-2                            Lovozero, Russia               0/12
Engine failure on take-off from Lovozero. Crashed straight ahead 300 meters
beyond runway no obstacles and no  injuries.
Aircraft engine caught on fire during evacuation but ground crew extinguished the flames.
14 Mar 2002 .... Cuban Aerotaxi AN-2 crashed 165 miles east of Havana enroute to resort island
of Cayo Coco, killing 16, mostly tourists. Weather was not a factor but cause of crash not yet determined.
Although the cause of the crash was still unknown, residents said they saw the single-engine Russian
Antonov-2's wing break off before it spiralled down and crashed in shallow water in the small town
of El Huerto in the central province of  Villa Clara on Thursday afternoon.
The wing and other metal debris were scattered on nearby ground, showing the plane was breaking apart before impact.
"It looked like it was doing manoeuvres in the sky ... then I saw the wing come off and the plane fell. Then we heard a
boom," one resident, Ramona Montera, said.

 General Rogelio Acevedo said a preliminary investigation indicated the accident occurred when
the top part of the left wing  was ripped off in high winds, causing the aircraft to spiral down out of control.

Witnesses told investigators the plane was flying at about 3,000 feet altitude (1km) when a strong wind apparently
snapped off the top part of the left wing,  sending the craft into a downward spin, said Acevedo.
140302      Antonov AN-2        Aerotaxi         Santa Clara, Cuba       17/17                CU-T1020
090302     Antonov AN-2         Svedijos Prekes     Abruzzes Mountains, Italy              LY-AVD
09 MAR 2002   Time: 13:39
Type: Antonov 2TP
Operator: Svedijos Prekés
Registration:  LY-AVD
Msn / C/n:  1G137-53
Crew: 2 fatalities / 2 on board
Passengers: 1 fatality / 1 on board
Total: 3 fatalities / 3 on board
Airplane damage: Written off
Location: Monte Rotondo (Italy)
Phase: En route (ENR)
Nature: Unknown
Departure airport: Budapest-Ferihegy Airport (BUD)
Destination airport: Tunis-Carthage Airport (TUN)
Flightnumber: 2801
Antonov 2 LY-AVD departed from Budapest at 08:29 for a VFR flight with destination Tunis. According to the flight plan the track would over fly Split, Pescara, the crossing of the Apennines towards Ostia and then onwards its destination, Tunis. The meteorological conditions over the central part of Italy on that March the 9th were characterized by a cold front associated with numerous thunderstorm areas, low cloud coverage over the mountainous Apennines accompanied by icing conditions. After leaving Split, and crossing the Adriatic sea LY-AVD over flew Pescara at 13:20 where the pilot informed the local ATC that the aircraft was inbound Aneda (a reporting point 19 NM East of Monte Rotondo) at a cruising altitude of 5.500 feet (1.676 m). While in vicinity of Pescara, ATC requested and obtained confirmation from LY-AVD that VFR conditions were maintainable. The radio communication ended with the instruction to LY-AVD
to contact Rome AIS Centre. There is no record of communication attempt by the crew and it is presumed that the aircraft, soon after that radio communication, impacted with the mountain side at an altitude of 6.167 feet (1.880 m) with an estimated ground speed of 115 Kts.

DIRECT CAUSES: "Analysis of available evidence make it reasonable to classify the event investigated as an unintentional terrain impact, Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT). At accident time, because of the reduced visibility, incompatible with VFR flying, the crew could not evaluate correctly the orography of the area along there route. It has to be noted that it was not possible to ascertain if adequate maps were available to the crew showing the exact position of ground relief and obstacles. It was not possible to determine if the pilots had flown across the same area in the past. Given the meteorological conditions over the area, the crew did not conform to the Visual Flying Rules that mandated for a track change to maintain the required flight parameters (visibility/clearance from obstacles) and/or a diversion to a suitable alternate airport (as international rules mandate)."
CONTRIBUTORY FACTORS: "Analysis of available evidence suggests that the following may be considered as contributory factors to the accident. The prevailing meteorological conditions existing on March 9, 2002 over the flight path of LY-AVD across the central part of Italy did not allow for the flight to be continued under VFR. The Antonov AN2 was not fit for flying in low visibility (IMC) and was not equipped for flying in icing conditions. The pilot of the LY-AVD did not hold the required English language radio-telephony (RT) qualification to operate outside the country of licensing. The pilot of the LY-AVD did not hold an IFR qualification (for flying in IMC)."


13:14 2001-07-13

An "An-2" plane was involved was involved in a crash in the Belgorod region (western Russia) on Thursday. The Emergencies Ministry press service announced on Friday that the plane did not "take into account the gradient of the locality" and scraped the ground. Following this, the crew's commander decided to land and switched off the engine. As a result of the uncontrolled landing the plane hit a tree. The aircraft was badly damaged, but both pilots happily survived unscathed.
The circumstances of the crash are being investigated.

2:51 2001-06-04

The bodies of two pilots, who were killed when their An-2 plane crashed in the Volgograd Region on Saturday, have not yet been recovered from the wreckage.
The State Inspectorate of Small Vessels announced on Monday that divers were being hampered by the strong currents (about 2m per second) of the river Akhtuba, which the plane fell into after hitting the river-bank.
Specialists believe that the pilots' remains will be retrieved on Monday.
The An-2 plane, which belonged to the Volgograd Air Club, was flying a training mission on Saturday. The tragedy struck after parachutists had jumped from the plane, which then proceeded back to base. Eyewitnesses have described how the An-2 began to lose height suddenly, then crashed into the river-bank, literally disintegrating into pieces.
Three men lost their lives: the pilots Igor Sapego and Andrei Petrov, along with parachuting instructor Dmitry Shinkarenko. Divers found the latter's body on Sunday in the depths of the river.
Experts are currently examining parts of the plane found at the crash scene and also in the river.

Title: Russia: Biplane crash-lands and burns out in Siberia
    Date: 04/24/2001
    Publication: BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union - Economic
    Author: ITAR-TASS news agency, Moscow, in English 0145 24 Apr 01

    Russia: Biplane crash-lands and burns out in Siberia Byline: ITAR-TASS news agency, Moscow, in English 0145 24 Apr 01
    RUSSIA -- Text of report in English by Russian news agency ITAR-TASS Yakutsk, 24 April: A plane with 12 passengers and
    two crew on board burnt after crash-landing three kilometres from the Yakutsk settlement Kobyay. The pilots had managed to
    bring the An-2 bip... (400 of 1136 Characters)

Source: AFP.
Date: 22 Sept 91.
Dateline: Jakarta.

(Note: This was HA-MEV serial number 1G194-29)

   A Soviet-built biplane on a goodwill tour through Asia has crashed during an emergency
landing on the eastern Indonesian island  of Lombok, it was reported here Sunday.
   All seven members of its crew survived the crash, though four suffered serious burns and
had to be admitted to hospital in nearby Bali, the Kompas Sunday newspaper said.
   The single-engine Antonov An-2 caught fire and exploded as it attempted to
land in a small village just outside Mataram, capital of Lombok, on Saturday,
Kompas said, quoting civil aviation officials on the island.
   It had been travelling from Berlin to Sydney to mark the 100 years since
German Otto Litthental introduced the concept of wings for manned flight.
Several of the crew were German citizens, and all were Hungarian born.
   Kompas identified the three who escaped injury as pilot Bela Szegedi, Pal
Ruzsiczky and Gabol Szabo. The four injured were mission leader Akos Ravazs,
Zoltan Kovaks, Imre Trefas and Zoltan Ravazs. They were all in their 40s.
   The plane, which left Berlin in June and had made 40 stops until Lombok, had just taken
off for Bima, capital of Sumbawa island, when problems developed and the pilot turned
back for the emergency landing.

An-2 Crash Kills 3
      [18 Apr 2000] A small plane carrying fertilizer crashed and caught fire Sunday in a farming region in Southern Russia, killing the two pilots and
      mechanic aboard, officials said.

1990 HA-MER Crash in Hungary  both on board survived

Antonov AN-2 Crashes
14,960 aircraft built                                                          129 crashed

1987            Operator                                Location         f/t *           Tail Num.
151287     Aeroflot                                     Russia                               CCCP-06324
151187     JAT Agricultural Aviation            Yugoslavia                       YU-BOD
090987     Zailid Uslug Agrolniczych            Melka Shedi                      SP-WMS
020987     Afghan Hanai Qurah                  Afghanistan      6/8               unk
060887     MIAT Mongolian Airlines          Khubsugul                            unk
100787     Air Service Hungary                     Hungary                           HA-MBS
100787     Aviatia Utilitara                            Romania                          YR-PBE
270587     Aeroflot                                         Visby           0/1             CCCP-70501
150487     Aerroflot                                        Russia                            CCCP-56436
310387     Polish Agricultural Aviation              Hungary       2/2           SP-DNM

* f/t  =   fatalities/total souls on board

1988            Operator                                Location          f/t                    Tail Num.

000088     Air Service Hungary                    Kaposvar                            HA-MHS
171188     Zailid Uslug Agrolniczych            Michalkow                           SP-WKZ
300988     Aviatia Utilitara                           Romania                              YR-PVS
190588     Zailid Uslug Agrolniczych            Krzemlin                               SP-WNE

1989        Operator                                Location                              Tail Num.

141289     Aeroflot                                 Kazakstan          1/12                 unk
141189     Aviatia Utilitara                      Sanmartin                                 YR-PMG
120589     Aeropol                                  Poland                                    SP-TCF
010589     Aeroflot                                 Sechenovo           5/5                 unk
200489     Deutsche Demokratische Luftwaffe  Wriezen                              880

1990        Operator                                Location               f/t               Tail Num.

000090      Aeroflot                                 Russia                      5/5           CCCP-07308
270790      APRL                                    Bielsko-Biala                            SP-ANZ
260790      Aero Manu                            Iberia                     0/10              unk
250790      JAT Agricultural Aviation      Yugoslavia                                 YU-BKE
140590      Zailid Uslug Agrolniczych       Abarqu. Iran                             SP-WZB
260490      Zailid Uslug Agrolniczych        Iran                                          SP-WPY
150490      JAT Agricultural Aviation        Stip                                          YU-BGZ
140390      Air Service Hungary               Jazjakohalma         0/2              HA-MER *
200290      Aeroflot                                  Siauliai                                     CCCP-56472

1991        Operator                                Location              f/t                Tail Num.

171291     Zailid Uslug Agrolniczych         Borow                                    SP-WWO
021291     Hrvatske Zracne Snage             Croatia                                  9A-BOP
091191     Hrvatske Zracne Snage             Croatia                                  9A-BKB
291091     Yevlakh Air Transport              Khanabad             3/3                   unk
210791     Air Service Hungary                 Lombok                 0/7            HA-MEV
010691     JAT Agricultural Aviation         Slavonski Brod                         YU-BHS
140291     Aero Manu                              Iquitos, Peru          0/15            OB-1350

1992        Operator                                Location             f/t                 Tail Num.

141092     Kazakhstan government         Kostanay             0/3                    unk
180992     Far East Avia                         Ekimcan              0/2             CCCP-40670
080792     Aeroflot                                  Ukrainsky                             CCCP-07816
030792     Aeroflot                                  Sosnovyj                               CCCP-40237
060592     Krasnoyarsk Avia                  Taďmyr Lake                          CCCP-50585
140492     Tyumenaviatrans                     Kystym                                  CCCP-35546
300392     Magadan Avia                        Magadan                                CCCP-55607
190392     Zailid Uslug Agrolniczych        Marzeno                                 SP-WPR
260192     JAT Agricultural Aviation        Sinj                                        YU-BKF

1993        Operator                                Location           f/t                   Tail Num.

221293     Tyumenaviatrans                      Uraj                  0/10            RA-01410
191293     Lietuva Airlines                        Suwalki                                LY-ADO
141293     Kranoyarsk Avia                     Vorogovo          0/16            RA-62599
131193     Aero Transportes La Montana   La Paragua      0/2              YV-511C
111193     Turkmenistan Airlines                Bekdas             0/4              EZ-07469
150993     Far East Avia                          Vladivostok                           RA-07624
140993     Turkmenistan Airlines                Dzebel                                 EZ-07562
070493     Zailid Uslug Agrolniczych          Lublin                                  SP-WZD

1994        Operator                                Location             f/t                 Tail Num.

161094     Peruvian Government           Huanco, Peru          3/3             OB-1542
180894     Tyumenaviatrans                  Verkhnya Tavda                         RA-40894
010894     Arkhangelsk Aviation          Turnema                   0/17           RA-50582
090794     Svazarm                               Bad Kirchheim                          OK-NYA
250694     East Siberian Airlines            Kirensk                   0/8             RA-70263
240594     Far East Avia                         Oktyabresky           0               RA-70730

1995        Operator                                Location            f/t                  Tail Num.

051295     Kotlas Avia Enterprise              Kotlas               0/14         RA-17725
281195     Aeroflot                                    Makovskoye                     RA-07419
151095     Tuymenaviatrans               Konstantinov Kamen  0/13               unk
180995     Aviotransport Macedonia          Skopje             2/2            Z3-BGE
100895     UraiAvia                                     Urai                 0/25          RA-40371
020895     Aero Air                             Johannesburg            3/3           RA-05708
170695     Uzbekistan Airways                 Nukus                                  UK-33058
160695     Aeroflot                                   Herputchi         13/14            RA-07743
040595     Magnitogorsk Avia                   Sebai              3/7                     unk
130495     Aeroflot                                   Gugal-Buga                           RA-40845
010495     African Air Charter                   Kenema          1/1                unk
090295     Aviapaslauga                             Grajewo                              LY-ALE
June 16 1995 - At least 12 people are killed when their Antonov An-2 single-engined
propeller plane crashes in bad weather in Russia's Far East on a flight from Poliny Osipenko,
in the Khabarovsk region, to the city of Nikolayevsk-on-Amur.
1996        Operator                                Location                 f/t             Tail Num.

141196      Komi Avia                          Bolchaďa Pyssa Russia    14/15    RA-40309
300796      Polska Wijska Lotnicze      Czama Dabrowska          0/11     1319
200696      private                                Weir, Texas  (6TV)        0/2        N-67AN  ( NTSB ID: FTW96LA263)
11/14/96: An Antonov An-2 (no license or company are registered) crashed during
 take-off in Bolshaya-Pyssa, Russia. 13 of the 14 people on board died. (Deaths:13)
November 14,1996
  Thirteen people are killed when an  antiquated Antonov An-2 biplane crashes in  the semi-autonomous
region of Komi in   northern Russia.

From Lee Barker:
There is also an accident report in South Africa about an AN-2  crashing after take off
at Rand Airport in 1996 or 7 -- it wasn't really overloaded but the pilot and pax had
the CG screwed up , everything slid backward on takeoff (beer cases tinned food,
50 litre oil drums (3 were in the aft compartment as well) because cargo wasnt tied down
and then one of the pax apparently ran to the back to try and move things forward--
it mushed into power lines and was completely consumed in the fire --
the report was very unfair to the aircraft -- they had the specs wrong for the load capacity
and the CG limits. the pilot didnt even know how to use the radios ,
the plane was going to the UNITA rebel base of Jamba in southern Angola-so
no flight plan etc... etc. They basically blamed the plane and not the pilot.
none found

none found


230699    Dan Owens (private)        Porthcurno Airstrip, Cornwall, UK    0/1    LY-ASA

2000        Operator                                Location             f/t                 Tail Num.

090900       Private - Privé              Florida Strait               1/14               (escape cuba)
9 Rescued After Cuba Plane Crash
 Wed 20 Sep 2000

KEY WEST, Fla. (AP) — Was it a hijacking? A pilot's miscalculation? A defection gone tragically wrong?
More questions than answers were sparked Tuesday when a small Cuban plane
crashed into the Gulf of Mexico, killing one of the 10 people aboard and leaving the rest clinging to debris
awaiting rescue.

Note: Aircraft compass had been removed. Pilot, trying to defect with family and friends,
got lost, ran low on fuel and ditched at sea. The survivors were rescued by a panamanian
freighter and later taken to Florida.

    Airport Pleso in Zagreb was closed today for all flights from
    18:30. Reason for that was an aircraft accident. Croatian Air
    Force aircraft Antonov AN-2 "9A-BKA" has crashed on runway
    while it was landing on 18:20. Aircraft was on regular military
    exerice flight on the route between Zagreb, Slavonski Brod and
    back. Reason of aircrash was blocked wheel, said pilot. There
    were only 3 members of crew in aircraft, and only one of them
   was lightly injured. Airport was reopend again for traffic at
   20:30, after aircraft was moved out from runway.


 An "An-2" plane was involved was involved in a crash in the Belgorod region (western Russia) on
 Thursday. The Emergencies Ministry press service announced on Friday that the plane did not "take
 into account the gradient of the locality" and scraped the ground. Following this, the crew's
 commander decided to land and switched off the engine. As a result of the uncontrolled landing the
 plane hit a tree. The aircraft was badly damaged, but both pilots happily survived unscathed.
The circumstances of the crash are being investigated.
March 09, 2002
Time:  13:40
Location:  Monte Rotondo, Italy
Operator:  Svedijos Prekés
Flight #:  2801
Route:  Budapest, Hungary - Tunis, Tunisia
AC Type:  Antonov 2TP
Registration:  LY-AVD
cn / ln:  1G137-53
Aboard:  3   (passengers:1  crew:2)
Fatalities:  3   (passengers:1  crew:2)
Ground:  0
Summary:  While en route the cargo plane impacted the side of a mountain at an altitude of 6,167 ft. Pilot error. The crew did not conform to the VFR that required a track change to maintain the required flight parameters and/or a diversion to a suitable alternate airport.

14 Mar 2002 .... Cuban Aerotaxi AN-2 crashed 165 miles east of Havana enroute to resort island
of Cayo Coco, killing 16, mostly tourists. Weather was not a factor but cause of crash not yet determined.
Although the cause of the crash was still unknown, residents said they saw the single-engine Russian
Antonov-2's wing break off before it spiralled down and crashed in shallow water in the small town
of El Huerto in the central province of  Villa Clara on Thursday afternoon.
The wing and other metal debris were scattered on nearby ground, showing the plane was breaking apart before impact.
"It looked like it was doing manoeuvres in the sky ... then I saw the wing come off and the plane fell. Then we heard a
boom," one resident, Ramona Montera, said.

 General Rogelio Acevedo said a preliminary investigation indicated the accident occurred when
the top part of the left wing  was ripped off in high winds, causing the aircraft to spiral down out of control.

Witnesses told investigators the plane was flying at about 3,000 feet altitude (1km) when a strong wind apparently
snapped off the top part of the left wing,  sending the craft into a downward spin, said Acevedo.

NTSB Identification: FTW96LA263 . The docket is stored in the (offline) NTSB Imaging System.

                               Accident occurred Thursday, June 20, 1996 at WEIR, TX
                                  Aircraft:Wsk Pzl Mielec AN-2, registration: N67AN
                                              Injuries: 2 Uninjured.

During departure climb, the airplane experienced a loss of engine power. Emergency procedures were executed
and a forced approach/landing was initiated to a field. While on the approach, the pilot observed a ditch running
across the proposed landing pathway. He turned the airplane right to parallel the ditch. During the landing roll,
the pilot attempted to avoid a building by intentionally ground looping the airplane. During this avoidance
maneuver, the left wing struck the building.
Examination of the airplane revealed that the engine had seized due to an internal failure.
The reason for the engine's internal failure was not determined.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident as follows.

Engine seizure for undetermined reasons. A factor was the lack of suitable terrain for the forced landing.

Note: This may have been caused by a slug of oil being ingested from the intake manifold.
November 14, 1996
Time:  ?
Location:  Bolchaďa Pyssa, Russia
Operator:  Komi Avia
Flight #:  ?
Route:  ?
AC Type:  Antonov AN-2
Registration:  RA-40309
cn / ln:  1G221-39
Aboard:  15   (passengers:13  crew:2)
Fatalities:  14   (passengers:13  crew:1)
Ground:  0
Summary:  Lost altitude and crashed while en route in poor weather. Icing.
June 14, 1995
Time:  ?
Location:  Volgograd, Russia
Operator:  Volga Air
Flight #:  ?
Route:  ?
AC Type:  Antonov 2R
Registration:  CCCP-68142
cn / ln:  1G195-47
Aboard:  12   (passengers:?  crew:?)
Fatalities:  12   (passengers:?  crew:?)
Ground:  0
Summary:  ?

October 29, 1994
Time:  ?
Location:  Batagaj, Russia
Operator:  Yakutavia
Flight #:  ?
Route:  ?
AC Type:  Antonov AN-2
Registration:  RA-33008
cn / ln:  1G217-55
Aboard:  19   (passengers:17  crew:2)
Fatalities:  7   (passengers:7  crew:0)
Ground:  0
Summary:  Pitched up and crashed on takeoff. Overweight and improperly loaded.
On April 20th 1989 an East German AN-2, tactical number 880, Ser.# 117011, year of manuf. 1961, crashed when both pilots miscommunicated with each other and where busy writing their flight reports at 300 ft. The plane was taking home 10 or 12 more people when it slowly descended until it hit the ground north-east of Berlin/ Germany. Miracalously  nobody was killed although 2 people were seriously injured. The aircraft desintegrated on impact and came to rest on the fire wall, tail straight in the air. The engine separated during impact.

Some older Hungarian accident reports translated by Robert Berend:

On the morning of 11th May 1982  in strong wind and low clouds HA-ANL An-2TP
type airplane operated by MHSZ  took off  from Budaörs airport flying to
Dunakeszi airport and after 10-12 minutes crashed into the mountain of
Hármashatár with crew of two and seven flying instructors and mechanics.
(Lajos Vincze pilot (flight commander), József Szöllősi flight mechanic,
Katalin Hollóiné Tóth, László Simon, Ferenc Weingartner, Péter Witek flying
instructor, Imre Haray Jr. flying instructor, József Hodai and Imre Haas
flight mechanics were in the airplane (at the Budaörs airport they have a
memorial tablet)).

On 30th May 1984 at the agricultural runway at Szarvas-Káka, Lajos Kizma
pilot took off with an An-2R HA-MBM (Serial number: 1G16631).
After the took off could not climb and 300 meters from the runway
at the height of 7-10 meters made a left turn and crashed into the ground,
the airplane caught fire and the pilot died. The
reason for this catastrophe might be the "fixed ????
(I am looking for the translation - Robert).
The pilot  took off from ag-runway at Szarvas-Kaka with aileron control locks still in place. Aircraft,
with no aileron control, veered left and crashed and burned 300 meters from runway.
The experienced ag-service pilot died in the crash. (Soviet Block pilots often depended on the aircraft mechanic
to perform pre-flight.)

September 16, 1984
Time:  ?
Location:  Opole, Poland
Operator:  APRL
Flight #:  ?
Route:  Airshow
AC Type:  Antonov An-2T
Registration:  SP-AMK
cn / ln:  1G168-04
Aboard:  26   (passengers:?  crew:?)
Fatalities:  11   (passengers:?  crew:?)
Ground:  0
Summary:  Crashed during takeoff. Overloaded

On 31st March 1987 Henryk Kaniczka and Roman Murzyn pilots from Poland on
the way back from Africa were flying with AN-2R SP-DNM (Serial number: 1G10760).
Departed from  the airport of MÉM RSZ in the city of Kaposujlak in very bad
weather conditions. The plane with which they flew around the half of the
World was overloaded and after takeoff the wings started to become icy.
The overloaded and icy airplane could not climb to fly above the mountains and crashed
into a mountain at Pilisszentlélek. The plane caught fire and the crew died.


On 26th March 1986 an AN-2 HA-MBH (Serial number: 1G16626) owned by MÉM RSZ
at the city of Mezőnyárád due to a fast worsening  in the weather conditions hit a pylon
of 20 kV high voltage transmission line and after during the emergency landing hit a forest and
caught fire. the pilot  Sándor Hegedűs died.

And another story which Robert knew:

I think in 2000 an An-2 took off from Gödöllő and hit a high voltage pylon
then made a turn then crashed. The wing started to burn but the fire was extinguished.
The reason was that the plane took off in backwind and I think the engine stopped. The pilot and
14 skydivers luckily could got out of the airplane with no injuries.

February 05, 1979
Time:  ?
Location:  Trebinje, Bosnia Herzegovina
Operator:  Aeropol
Flight #:  ?
Route:  ?
AC Type:  Antonov 2PF
Registration:  SP-TBB
cn / ln:  1G159-02
Aboard:  3   (passengers:0  crew:3)
Fatalities:  3   (passengers:0  crew:3)
Ground:  0
Summary:  The plane, on a positioning flight flew into a side of the mountain